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17 years of

Menehune Mayhem

About Menehune Mayhem


On May 14 and 15, 2022 Ian Walsh will host the 18th Annual Ian Walsh Menehune Mayhem at Ho’okipa Beach Park in Maui, HI. This exciting and very anticipated free event promotes surfing, sportsmanship, creativity, scholarship and environmental awareness for the youth of Maui. 


The Menehune Mayhem will see over 400 kids ranging in age from 4 to 15 years old for two days of surfing competition as well as opportunities for creative exploration through art, music, dance, athletics and entertainment. In addition, the Menehune Mayhem also recognizes surfers with outstanding sportsmanship, environmental awareness and awards high school students who demonstrate academic excellence. These initiatives are supported through the Ian Walsh Menehune Mayhem Foundation, whose mission is to support activities and events that encourage the youth of Maui.


Our Mission:

To elevate the potential and well-being of youth through surf-focused activities that promote academic success, healthy lifestyles, and lifelong environmental stewardship.


Ian Walsh’s Menehune Mayhem Foundation delivers activities and events that encourage youth ages 15 years old and younger to maximize their potential in surfing, fitness, and healthy living; cultivate their talents in communication through academics and the arts; and care for and champion the natural environment of their communities. We offer a minimum of two scholarships per year to deserving high school students headed to college in fields of study that align with our mission.

Our Vision:

To expand our mission from our island roots to reach youth throughout the Hawaiian Islands and the world.


Over the years, the Menehune Mayhem has grown from a small youth surf event to a one-of-a-kind two-day event that brings the community of Maui together and spotlights Maui’s up and coming talent. With the community’s support, the Menehune Mayhem has been able to remain a free event for all those who enter. This event would not be possible without our sponsors and the support of our community.


On behalf of the Ian Walsh Menehune Mayhem Foundation, we ask that the community and individuals alike continue to make a commitment to the Menehune Mayhem as a way to give back to Maui and most importantly to help inspire Maui’s youth to avidly pursue academics, athletics and the arts. Your contribution is essential to the success of the event. All proceeds from this year’s event will go directly to the Ian Walsh Menehune Mayhem Foundation to help maximize the potential of the event. 


Should you have any questions regarding the 2022 Ian Walsh Menehune Mayhem, please contact us at


Thank you in advance for your support in helping to make this year’s Menehune Mayhem a success. We hope to see you at the beach or in the water! 

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