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Pack like a Pro: 12 Things Ian Walsh Can't Travel Without

September 4, 2017


While Ian may pack lightly on his worldly travels, he is definitely not afraid to hit heavy waters at Jaws, which happens to be right in his backyard on Maui. Photo: Zak Noyle 2016


Want to be jet-set ready and travel like a pro?  Ian Walsh, the surf traveler extraordinaire, has flown all quadrants of the world, allowing him to pack practical, conscious, and smart.   Regardless if Ian is sailing in the Mediterranean on holiday or chasing after a barrage of swells around the world, read about the ten things Ian always has in his luggage and never travels without...what we found out is that he subscribes to the "less is more" mantra—except when it comes to surfboards that is. So here are the things, Ian simply cannot travel without having these in his luggage...

 1. I usually travel with the same luggage on all of my travels, making it easier for me to pack and be wheels-up ready for the next flight out, most times I have just a few hours to spare after booking my flights.  Here are 11 items that I always have stowed away in one of my Dakine carry-ons, board bags or checked in bags...  


2.  HydroFlask, I fill it up in the terminal before the flight, no one can stay hydrated with tiny cups of water every three hours on a flight.  Also, by bringing along my Hydro I am able to reduce waste by not buying plastic bottles wherever I travel.




3. I never really know where I will end up at times, so it's important that I pack practical for the different climates and seasons that I may dive into crossing hemispheres.  I have this red Patagonia jacket that I get a lot of use out of while traveling, I can throw it on for a early morning surf check in Tahiti or out to tapas in colder European weather, just by layering up.  


4. Headphones...and back up headphones!

5. Electrolytes, Vitamin C,  and some Progenex bars to snack on.  I add the electrolytes to my water this helps with dehydration and physical fatigue that comes along with traveling.  


6. Laptop!



7. Books, right now I am traveling with "Thinking Body, Dancing Mind" by Chungliang Al Huang, it encompasses the central ideas of improving physical performance through strengthening inner-self.  I also have with me, "Let My People Go Surfing" by Yvon Chouinard, who is the founder of Patagonia Inc.


8.  Eye-masks, for those much needed mid-flight naps.

 9.  I always bring along my Grapes Battery Charger, this allows me to maintain and/or charge my phone up during long travel days, especially upon landing after traveling for hours in the air. 

10.  Mobility WOD Gemini is a great packable travel necessity that helps me to keep me feeling loose on long flights. 



 11.  Power Dot Muscle Stimulator is a gadget that helps me to painlessly activate my muscles especially when I'm on the road and flying a ton. 



 12. Passport, because you never know when that last minute trip out of the country will come up.  


Don't have a passport or muscle stimulators at hand for your next trip? Not to worry, simply click on the images, find out how and where to get these items, and you'll be soon on your way to traveling like the pro himself!



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Pack like a Pro: 12 Things Ian Walsh Can't Travel Without

September 4, 2017

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